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About Us

Pre-school for ages 18 months and up.  Our hours of operation 7:30am to 6pm accommodate the working parents. We have Full day classes, half day classes, as well as 3day and 4 day programs.

Offering the Edison Walk,  We will walk your child To and From Thomas A. Edison Elementary School


At Tiny Treasures we understand how important learning is.  Pre-School is an important step in your child's development.  We believe in offering a well balanced and fun education experience for your child.


Our main goal at Tiny Treasures Learning Academy is to encourage individuality, which will help to develop an independent and self-confident child.  Through positive school experiences, your child's personal, physical, and social development will be nurtured.

Our Program:

Learning the basics is very important in your child's development.  Introducing numbers, letters, phonics, and colors and reinforcing these through books, stories, play, music and art is just an example of the quality program offered at Tiny Treasures.  Social field trips, visitors and parties will be a part of the activities planned throughout the year.  Your child will be participating in creative activities which will promote his/her social, physical and cognitive development.  At Tiny Treasures we will provide your child a warm, safe, loving and relaxed environment to learn, have fun and grow.

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